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The study program of Aquaculture FPIK-UB held a guest lecture by Prof. Jeong-Dae Kim, from Kangwon National University, South Korea. This 3 in 1 activity will taking place for 3 days, from November 25 to 27, 2019. Aquaculture students who took fish nutrition courses, have the opportunity to experience lectures with a Professor from Korea.

Prof. Jeong Dae Kim, Delivering the lecture

This 3 in 1 activity is a follow-up activity which in the previous time the Aquaculture Study Program had presented a professional practitioner from a well-known fish feed company in Tulungagung, namely CV. Menara.

Opening of The Program by Prof. Happy Nursyam (Dean of FPIK-UB)

This time, the Aquaculture Study Program presents Professors from Abroad who have the same field Which is Nutrition. It is hoped that with this activity, it can provide output in the form of research collaboration, as well as comprehensive knowledge for Aquaculture students related to Fish nutrition.

For Student Whose need the lecture please see the attachment bellow: