Alumni Community

Alumni activities especially many collected in every generation by the Internet and mailing group. Alumni activities involving all alumni in FPIK has been around since 1987 and currently chaired by Ir. M. Rosyid Fadholi, MS. The contribution of alumni in supporting the development of the academic study program among others: (1) donation for social activities such as mosque painting, buying carpet of mosque, music facilities (2) facilities donation such as donation of books and laboratory equipment, (3) involved in academic activities like giving a guest lecture as practical activities input in the field for students and provide feedback for improvement of curriculum, (4) active in the development of network, especially for employment information and (5) provide facilities for academic activities such as On The Job Training, apprentice and research for thesis.

Study Exchange

In connection with the development and quality improvement Aquaculture Study Program, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya then we appeal to the Mr/Mrs of alumni to fill out a Study Exchange questionnaire can be filled here —> Thank you for the cooperation.

Malang, July 2014

The Head of Aquaculture Study Program


Dr. Ir. M. Fadjar, M.Sc