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The study program of Aquaculture FPIK-UB held a guest lecture by Prof. Jeong-Dae Kim, from Kangwon National University, South Korea. This 3 in 1 activity will taking place for 3 days, from November 25 to 27, 2019. Aquaculture students who took fish nutrition courses, have the opportunity to experience lectures with a Professor from Korea. […]

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To gain the student’s understanding in fish nutrition, Study progran of Aquaculture, invite the one of manager in CV Mentari Nusantara to give a lecture in fish nutrition course. In this event, Miss Irma Hapsari, S.Pi, give 2 lecture which are related to fish feed production and the sales marketing. This program is taken placed […]

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Welcoming new students is an annual tradition implemented by HMP BP to welcome new students and introduce the world of lectures and campus life, especially the Aquaculture Study Program. Sewu Freshmen is held at the Pinishi Open House on September 7, 2019 on the basketball court of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universitas […]

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Community Service is an activity that aims to help certain communities through several activities without expecting anything in return. Community service activities are carried out by the HMPBP Department of Social Environment on August 24-25, 2019. This activity is carried out in Nganteb Beach, Tambak Rejo Village, Malang. The objectives of the HMPBP community service […]

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In this Event, the students were sharing with all members about various matters and also establish collaboration with the Department members. The aim of this activity is are: To establish friendship with fellow BP residents and share information that is considered important and useful for BP HMP with other institutions. This activity is also facilitating […]

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Department of Social and Environmental Affairs, Aquacare Study Program Student Association (HMPBP) together with the 2019 Aquacare committee held a Community Service and Open Together activity at the Sunan Ampel Orphanage, Sumbersari. This activity aims to realize a sense of humanity between aquaculture students and between humans.

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Aquaculture Camp is an annual event organized by the Indonesian Aquaculture Student Association (HIMAKUAI). The essence of this Aquaculture Camp activity is to provide guidance in a village where the cultivation potential is large enough to be developed, but the cultivation process carried out by the local community is still far from the CBIB (Good […]

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This activity aims to increase the kinship among aquaculture students in Indonesia in the field of aquaculture. This activity consists of a series of events including scientific work, workshops on national aquaculture and job fair aquaculture.

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DIES NATALIS HMP-BP 15 “ABALONE 2014” This is guys awaited moment by all of Aquaculture people that is an annual event especially if it is not the HMPBP anniversary event. In 2014 HMPBP turn into 15 years old, exactly on May 25, the event was opened by some Aqualculture lecturers one of them is our […]

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Coffee Break HMP – Budidaya Perairan 2014 Coffee break is one of the events held by HMP – Aquaculture in order to discussion as well as strengthen relationship between community members. In Coffee Break event there are a lot of things were discussed, among others, about the problems that occur in the study program. This […]

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