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This is guys awaited moment by all of Aquaculture people that is an annual event especially if it is not the HMPBP anniversary event. In 2014 HMPBP turn into 15 years old, exactly on May 25, the event was opened by some Aqualculture lecturers one of them is our PD3 that is Dr. Ir. Abd. Rahem Faqih, M.Si and other Aquaculture lecturers, the event was officially opened on May 7, 2014 and on that date also all series activities start from the Olympiad, quiz competition, poster design competition, the traditional competition etc has officially begun. In the evening the first competition is the traditional competition such as tug of war, sack races, punch in bottles and many more.

Of the entire race on the night that is dominated is by classs of 2012 who won the traditional race more than other classes. The race series for tomorrow is an Olympiad race such as soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball etc. The most exciting race here is soccer , that is the most favored of all Aquaculture citizens, because all the generations want to be the first winner. This Olympiad use knockout system, that is, when one defeat compete directly eliminated. Each generation is required to send a representative as much as 2 teams. The first winner of basketball game is class of 2013. This is fair because class of 2013 has many national athletes who often follow the competition, especially basketball.

After the basketball finished next comoetition is soccer. This is the competition of the most draining a lot of emotion and energy of all Aquaculture citizens, either as players or audiences. Why can say that? Just imagine in every soccer match, has many excited and hysterical audiences. Soccer match was eventually won by a team from the class of 2011. While in the final match against the class of 2012 there are a lot of controversions, but we still uphold a sense of sportsmanship. And finally alternate trophy HMP-BP 2014 Olympiad fell into the hands of class of 2012 or the second time after the year 2013, the class of 2012 also won.

Actually the purpose of this anniversary celebration is to biuld family atmosphere, solidarity and harmony. In addition, this event is also as preparation to face te competition Cup Dean which held in the next year.