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The expo of national fisheries students and seminar of fishery and marine was held by Indonesian Fisheries Student Association (HIMAPIKANI) in colabotarion with Institute of Research and Developement of Professional (LKP2) of Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty (FPIK) University of Brawijaya (UB) as a form of appreciation for national economic development.

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Educational progress in Indonesia not only measured by acadmic quality, but also from students knowledge and creativity. Students from all over Indonesia compete in National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS), it is a student’s scientific competition in Indonesia held by Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI). 30th PIMNAS 2017 was held at Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Makassar […]

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Rector CUP of Student Creativity Program (PKM) Brawijaya University (UB) is one of the new student competition among faculty in UB in the field of Student Creativity Program (PKM). It’s routinely held every year. This competition is routinely held to encourage the innovation of first-degree students, and introduce to the field of scientific authorship. Besides, […]

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On 15 August 2015 Aquaculture FPIK UB conducted an event Halal bi Halal and Pisah Kenang Dosen PS BP (Prof. Rustidja and Ir. Soelistyowati). We are as Aquaculture Major says big thank for dedication and education dan he had gave. We hope this silaturahmi between Aquaculture Major and Lecturers which has full duty remain intertwined […]

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Aquaculture Major would like to welcome to the freshmen of Aquaculture FPIK 2015/2016. For information on the introduction of New Student Campus Life (PK2MABA) can be viewed on the official website &

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This is guys awaited moment by all of Aquaculture people that is an annual event especially if it is not the HMPBP anniversary event. In 2014 HMPBP turn into 15 years old, exactly on May 25, the event was opened by some Aqualculture lecturers one of them is our PD3 that is Dr. Ir. Abd. […]

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In fact, women have equal rights with the men. Moreover, in express their opinion. Do not just because women can not voice their opinions and only silence become loyal audience. Can be imagine that the time R. A Kartini was not aware and be brave to ask what they are entitled. Maybe women could not […]

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Coffee break is one of the events held by HMP – Aquaculture in order to discussion as well as strengthen relationship between community members. In Coffee Break event there are a lot of things were discussed, among others, about the problems that occur in the study program. This event takes seriously but still relaxed, so […]

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Some documentations HMP  Activity – Aquaculture at the LSO and LOF Open House Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya: Students who are guard the booths All of crew who performed in the open house yesterday Aquaculture Mascot (Udang Man)

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