Generally the facility in the form of building which is adequate, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Universitas Brawijaya itself has 3 buildings used for offices, classrooms, lecture rooms, laboratories, reading room (library), exam rooms and seminar rooms and laboratories. While the one main building is still under construction.

Each laboratory is managed and maintained (under the responsibility of) The Head of Laboratory assisted by a laboratory assistant. This lab is equipped with tools and chemicals in accordance with the requirements for practicum and research. Generally, the laboratory at the faculty is quite representative. In addition to the Aquaculture Study Program students, the laboratory also provides services to the community, among others, vocational or apprenticeship for fish farmers, service activities for analyzing water quality, fish/shrimp feed, fish /shrimp diseases and counseling services.

For learning activities, has provided 16 lecture rooms which equipped with computers and LCD so that allows the learning application with multi-media. For seminars and final exam for the students provided a different room.

Central library at the university level, with sufficient facilities such as reading room, discussion room, digital catalogs, E-journals and links to external libraries (Proquest, Elsevier and Ebsco). All facilities of central library services can be accessed directly by the academic in Aquaculture Study Program through the facilities which provided by the Faculty as a hot-spot areas. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences also has a reading room with amount of various collection in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences in contributions and assistance of many institutions and alumni.

Public facilities in FPIK among others, places of worship (mosque), HMP room, 1 sports facilities in the form of a set of tools a table tennis and volleyball court, basketball / futsal court, gazebo and west corridors are often used for student or faculty events. In this area is equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and a desk chair for a student that representative to conduct discussions and tasks in groups. Procurement sustainable, maintenance and utilization of facilities and infrastructure also noted that the existing of facilities and infrastructure can still be used to support the PBM.

Procurement and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure takes cost that have been obtained from:

  • DIPA of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
  • Hibah Program (block grants)¬†and Hibah Competition of Higher Education