Laboratory which is owned of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, among others:

  1. Aquatic Sciences and Marine Biotechnology Laboratory (IIP and Biotech)
  2. Fish Reproduction Laboratory
  3. Hydrobiology Laboratory
  4. Microbiology Laboratory
  5. Fish Parasites and Diseases Laboratory
  6. Mapping and Marine Technology Design Laboratory
  7. Fisheries And Product Technology Laboratory
  8. Fish Nutrition Laboratory
  9. Fisheries Socio-Economic Laboratory
  10. Marine Science Laboratory
  11. Tools and Fishing Techniques Laboratory
  12. Freshwater Experiment Station (in Sumberpasir) experiment pool (ground pool and concrete pool) of 1.1 hectare is equipped with laboratories, offices and inns, located in Sumberpasir Village Pakis subdistrict, Malang.
  13. Brackish Water Experiment Station (in Probolinggo) in the form of 5 hectare fishpond and mini hatchery equipped with laboratories, offices and accommodation of 1000 m2 located in Probolinggo.
  14. Marine Station (marine station) in the Sendang Biru Beach, Malang.

For more information, there are three laboratories which related to Aquaculture Study Program that is :

1. Fish Nutrition Laboratory

2. Parasites and Diseases Laboratory

3. Fish Reproduction Laboratory