Alumni are an integral part of our community which has a relationship with Aquaculture Study Program, FPIK UB. Alumni are those who graduated with a bachelor degree from the Aquaculture Study Program, FPIK UB. Alumni also the people who give a significant contribution to the Aquaculture and those who come from other countries to study in degree and non-degree study program.

We want to maintain the relationship between Aquaculture Study Program and alumni who live in Indonesia and other countries. We provide tools for alumni to stay connected with friends during school in Aquaculture Study Program, FPIK UB and even find new friends with common interests and goals through online networks and other alumni activities held in Malang, in Indonesia and other countries. We also provide a tool for the alumni in order to improve the skills and character in professional life. By keep socialize, we greet your ideas to improve our program to make it more relevant for alumni and students of Aquaculture in the future. In addition, we also hope to make you stay connected with information about developments in the UB, Malang.

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