Organizational Structure

Aquaculture Study Program led by a Head of Study Program. The Head of the Study Program proposed by study program lecturer members based on Deliberation. Tenure of The Head of the Study Program is for 4 years. Starting in 2010, the Head of Study Program assisted by the Secretary of Study Program to perform basic tasks in the study program. The Head of Study Program Task is coordinating the activities and lead meetings which related to the development of the study program. The coordination between the KPS with lecturer through program meetings are held once a month, while coordinating with students through HMP-BP.

Aquaculture Study Program is one of the six study programs in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya so that its organizational structure and atmosphere are related each other.

Stewardship period of the Aquaculture Study Program Chairman FPIK UB

No. The Name of The Chairman Period
1. Ir. A. Muchlis, MS 1992 – 1996
2. Ir. M. Fadjar, M.Sc 1996 – 2000
3. Prof Dr. Arief Prajitno, MS 2000 – 2003
4. Ir. Bambang Susilo Widodo 2003 – 2007
5. Ir. Maheno Sri Widodo 2007
6. Ating Yuniarti, S.Pi, M.Aqua 2007 – 2011
7. Dr. Ir. Agoes Soeprijanto, MS 2011 – 2014
8. Dr. Ir. M. Fadjar, M.Sc 2014 – now

The Secretary of Aquaculture Study Program

No. Name Period
1. Wahyu Endra Kusuma, S.Pi, MP 2010 – 2012
2. Muhammad Fakhri, S.Pi, MP, M.Sc 2012 – 2013
3. Qurrota Ayunin, S.Pi, MP, M.Sc 2013 – 2014
4. Budianto, S.Pi, MP, M.Sc 2014 – now