Free internet access can be obtained by all users in the Internet network in Universitas Brawijaya. Universitas Brawijaya provides facilities and services based on information technology for lecturer, staff, and students. Access to the Internet in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FPIK UB) using two mechanisms. The first mechanism through login and password are managed internally of faculty and using an internal server.

Whereas in the University use Single Sign On (SSO) with the username and password  integrated through Brawijaya Authenticatication and Identification System (BAIS). Lecturer and staff can access the Internet using e-mail account which obtained in PPTI, and students can access the Internet using a PIN number obtained when the new students registration which directly managed by PPTI Universitas Brawijaya. Single Sign On System (Single Sign On System – SSO) is used to access the entire IT services at Universitas Brawijaya. SSO provided by BAIS (Brawijaya Authenticatication and Identification System) which manages the data user authentication all users of IT UB service centrally. Campus internet access service can be accessed from terminals system throughout the at the Faculty/Department.