Students as part of the elements of the State and especially in the world of education are obliged to contribute in the effort to fill freedom which has a clear alignment based on truth, social justice, general welfare and people’s sovereignty.

Student Association of Aquaculture Study Program (HMP-BP) of the Faculty of Fisheries, Universitas Brawijaya as a scientific community becomes the rights and obligations, role positions, and ideals in darma devotion to the homeland, and alma mater by learning, working.

Based on this basis on the basis of conscience and belief in a part of the UB community, we FPI-UB Aquaculture Student Association Students gather in the BP FPi-UB Study Program Student Association on May 20, 1999 located at the Faculty of Fisheries, University Brawijaya

Main Frame

The Principle of the Aquaculture Association of the Faculty of Fisheries, Faculty of Fisheries, Universitas Brawijaya (HMP-BP FPi-UB) is the sovereignty of students, upholding professionalism, institutional autonomy and family.

HMP-BP FPi-UB in implementing its program is religious, professionalism, autonomous, and democratic as well as objective and non-political practical.

The purpose of HMP-BP FPi-UB is

  • The realization of academic freedom in the Aquaculture Study Program of the Faculty of Fisheries and the freedom of academic pulpit, especially fisheries science.
  • The formation of students who are devoted to God Almighty and have high intellectual and social concern in the fishing community.

The functions of the FPi-UB HMP-PB are:

  • A vehicle for the FPi-UB aquaculture study program student activity
  • Forum for the development of aquatic science in particular and in general fisheries science
  • Forum for community service
  • A vehicle for developing the vision and mission as well as increasing the integrity of association students in particular and fisheries faculty students in general


Triangle: Strength (Shield)

Shrimp: At the time the establishment of the institution became the belle of Indonesian export commodities.

Blue: Symbolizes peace, concern for environmental sustainability, especially water.

The organization, objectives and mission of HMP-BP FPi-UB itself are student organizations that have expertise in their fields. Therefore, the preparation of HMP-BP FPi-UB activities must reflect:

  1. Translation of the ideals of the organization in the form of professionalism that is owned by each member of the organization. HMP-BP FPi-UB
  2. Follow up on the idea of birth from HMP-BP FPi-UB
  3. Description of all guidelines and provisions of the HMP-BP FPi-UB organization precisely and regularly.
  4. A process is carried out consciously and is an endeavor from the members of the HMP-BP FPIK-UB.

Since its inception until now, HMP-BP FPi-UB has successfully carried out various activities, including:

  1. Fish hatchery training and Gynogenesis
  2.  Aquarium training
  3.  East Java regional level Betta contest
  4.  Provision of HMP-BP library facilities in the form of bookshelves, as well as facilitators in the supply of fisheries reference books, especially aquaculture.
  5. Library management, which includes lending books, thesis and street vendors owned by the association in order to meet the reference needs of fisheries students in general and aquaculture students in particular.
  6. Regeneration Study and Environmental Recognition (STRIPING) which is a form of routine activities every year in order to introduce the world [especially fisheries aquaculture, as well as establish emotional intimacy between old students and new students.
  7. Familiar meeting of aquaculture students and aquaculture lecturers
  8. Guest lecture
  9. Training on organization management
  10. Facilitator presentation of internship and street vendors
  11. The establishment of a sports club for aquaculture students
  12. Making lab coats and set jackets coordinated by the entrepreneurship department
  13. Procurement madding set, etc.