Learning Method and Strategy

  • Classroom Learning : tutorial, discussion, presentation
  • Scientific Paper Writing
  • Scientific Paper Review
  • Field and Laboratory Practice
  • Internship (PKM)
  • Individual Research (Skripsi)

Main support for the student in learning process

  • The lecturer with Master and Doctoral Qualification Degree and experienced practitioners.
  • Provided up to date learning materials.
  • Implementation of course assistance.
  • Guidance for new students and academic guidance for filling out Study Plan (KRS), practical guidance, practical work guidance and final assignment guidance.

Facility Support in Learning Process

  • Lecture rooms and practicums are representative and equipped with IT facilities.
  • The addition of laboratory equipment that can support student skills.
  • Library and reading room equipped with up-to-date literature.
  • Scholarships from various sources (public or private).
  • Apprenticeship collaboration with external institutions (business and government), such as: Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), City and Provincial Development Planning Agency, Research and Development Center at the Ministry of DKP, Fisheries Cultivation Companies.