Laboratory facilities necessary to support the educational process, improving the quality of students and lecturer. Laboratory in the Faculty of Fisheries is Aquatic Sciences Laboratory and Marine Biotechnology Laboratory, Ichthyologi Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, THP Laboratory, Fish Biochemistry Laboratory, Reproduction Laboratory, Fish Nutrition Laboratory, Parasites and Diseases of Fish Laboratory, Tools & Fishing Techniques Laboratory, Mapping and Design of Marine Technology Laboratory, Fisheries Socioeconomic Laboratory, Language Technical Implementation Unit and Computer Technical Implementation Unit. In addition, Faculty of Fisheries also publishes the Journal of Fisheries Research to support the development of science.

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences also has two experiment stations, namely:

  1. Experiment station of brackish water in the form of 5 hectare pond and mini hatchery be equipped with laboratories, offices and inn of 1,000 m2, located in the municipality of Probolinggo.
  2. Experiment Station of Freshwater aquaculture in the form of 1.1 hectare pool for experiment (ground pool and concrete pool) equipped with laboratories, offices and inn located in the Sumberpasir Village, Pakis subdistrict Malang.